Latitude 29

I for one can’t wait for this to open-we need some fun and liveliness in the Upper Quarter again. I’ve heard great things about the owners and their attention to detail on authentic tiki-ness. And after all, let’s not forget that our vibe is as much Caribbean as it is French or Spanish.
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Latitude 29.


Located in the Bienville House Hotel

Bike Lane on Baronne

Baronne Street in the Central Business District will have a bike lane starting Dec. 1. The lane will remain for at least six months as officials study its impact along the corridor.
Impact on Mobility, Traffic and Safety
• Estimated increase travel time of less
than 2-minutes during peak hours in
2014, and by 2024 at 1.5% rate of traffic
volume growth
• 3 parking space removal = 1.5% loss of
total on-street spaces on Baronne Street
• Replacing a travel lane with a bicycle lane has
been shown to reduce traffic crashes by 29%.
Traffic crashes on Baronne Street have
resulted in over 248 total injuries since
2005 – 15 were pedestrians.
• Installation of dedicated bicycling lanes
dramatically increases rates of cycling in
New Orleans, such as a 57% increase in the
average number of cyclists per day on St.
Claude Avenue and a 110% increase on S.
Carrollton Avenue.

The Crescent City Farmers Market regains its pre-Katrina footprint with their French Market location reopening

Wednesdays 2-6 pm year-round, Ursuline at the River. Share your green with the farmers and fishers at the Green Market and show everyone that the French Quarter ain’t just your grandma’s old neighborhood!

The Crescent City Farmers Market Regains Its Pre-Katrina Footprint.