Muffalettas and catfish

Serious question: is there good food to be found in the French Quarter under 10.00?

Answer: yes.

Today, I went to the French Market to buy chopsticks ( I also buy my sunglasses, luggage, wallets and a few other things, quite a useful place when you get over the longing for the lost farmers market there) and when I left, I walked down Decatur to Central and got a half muffaletta, then scootered to Matassa’s for baked catfish, baked mac and green beans.

Took them both home to divide up into meals, and I have probably 4.5 meals here.

7.63 at Central

9 something at Matassa’s.

catfish looks great (see picture) and seems like 2.5 meals to me, based on past experience with their food.

As for the muffaletta, I will take a quarter when I go kayaking and sitting on bayou st john tomorrow with a beer and that sandwich with my feet up. the other quarter will probably be lunch on Sunday with another beer, after gardening.

All done in the lower Quarter, which means parking along the levee/Mint.  Dodging the slow folks on Decatur and wondering who all those crazy ass people that are sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on a beautiful day, instead of walking from a few blocks away.

2.5 meals from one order of baked catfish, baked mac and green beans.

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New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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