Can you see the beginnings of bureaucracy?

1883 Prohibiting any vehicle to drive at a faster gait than a walk in passing in front of French Market from Ursuline to St. Ann Streets during market hours.
1882 Prohibiting any piroge, lugger, flat boat or other small craft from selling produce from Esplanade Avenue to St. Ann Street without paying $1.00 per day.
1884 Forbidding the keeping for sale any fruit, fish, vegetables or fowls in any close building occupied in the past as a dwelling.
1891 Prohibiting the establishment of private markets without the permission of the Council.
1900 Regulating the governing of private markets, etc. Prohibiting the sale of oysters in public markets, and meat and vegetables in stores within 3200 ft.
1906 Regulating the sale of shrimps and crabs in the markets of the city after certain hours.
1934 Accepting the bid of the French Market Corporation for the privilege of operating the French Market and the lease-hold of French Market properties.
1936 Prohibiting the sale of intoxicating liquors within close proximity of the Farmers’ Market at French Market.
1936 Designating the type of refrigeration to be installed in the various units of the French Market.
1937 Providing rules and regulations governing the operation of the new Farmers’ Market at French Market.

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New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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