Verti Marte brethren

So, as we wait for one of our standbys to reopen in the French Quarter after the fire that took out Verti Marte last month, do see some of the others that have food and characters meanwhile:
Matassa’s (St. Philip and Dauphine). Louis and Johnny are usually hanging out in front while in back (watch that bump by the dairy counter) they’re cooking up solid meals. Beans, chicken, catfish and much more.
Quartermaster, better known as the Nelly Deli (Ursuline and Bourbon)- their sides are tasty; burgers, lasagna too. I think their breakfast is really great to take over to the Moonwalk with a Cafe au Lait from CdM on your way.
St. Peter St. (between Royal and Bourbon) has some stuff too now with Yo Mama’s famous burgers there and a rejuvenated Rouse’s Supermarket (I laugh when I hear complaints about higher prices for the food there- we’re talking less than 30 cents usually, if at all and they have brought more fresh foods, some local and a much cleaner store to the very small population of the FQ. Work with them and make it better by asking for items you don’t see and comparing prices).
Some items at the store at St. Philip and Royal can be good (red beans are usually excellent) but look closely as their food dries out under those lights.
Felipe’s on Decatur is a cheap good meal, especially when you get there during happy hour for your drinks.
Deja Vu’s food counter can be an incredible deal; spaghetti is usually very good.
Basically, all of these have to go menus that give you at least 2 meals worth of food for under 10 bucks.

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New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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