Real massage in the quarter

Many people refer to the “massage places” on Iberville et al as the “happy endings” places, whether true or not.
True enough that they look skanky and dark and are clearly not for the uninitiated. Whatever they are, yucchh.

By the way, it seems to me that restoring Storyville prostitution rules would be a sensible idea. Managing it as a separate district only on Iberville and with limits on how many spots and how business would have to be conducted might work, with our casino and 24 nightlife culture

In any case, there are some new places for massage cropping up in the Quarter that are NOT associated with the Iberville ones. I had noticed the place on Chartres next to Chart Room (they have their own hawkers), but have not looked further. Luckily for me, my workplace recently decided to treat their employees with a “chill” potluck afternoon and as an extra treat, 20 minute chair massages. I had just had 2 massages that weekend to cure an aching neck so passed while they were there but then this weekend went to the same ladies on Decatur.
Foot Reflexology Center in the 1200 block of Decatur is worth the time to wait (sometimes) and the uneven opening hours (seems to always open by 11:30 and is open late til 9 or so.)
The massage therapists are Chinese and this location is usually staffed by women, very sweet ladies. They have strong hands to do back and neck at the chair, or foot reflexology while you very comfortably lay on the chaise lounges. Laying there getting an excellent foot treatment while watching rain fall outside and people chattering as they passed by was as close to a perfect Sunday afternoon in the Quarter as I have had for a while.
Prices are good and they are very professional, using gloves always and hot towels to wipe the oil off your feet when done. I got a back/neck massage on Friday and feet done on Sunday. I slept like a rock afterwards and have had more energy and no morning aches. If more in-depth massage is necessary, check out the independent therapists/healers just down the road at St. Roch and St. Claude.

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One thought on “Real massage in the quarter

  1. Jennifer says:

    I go here all the time with friends. They do have guys too. Typically they work on the chair massage side. For reference it is $22 for 20 min & $30 for 30 min. I believe they also do table massage in the back but I have not had that yet… might today though after marching in two parades yesterday. It is cash only but they have an ATM in the shop and you’ll pay a hefty atm fee to use it.

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