What did I see?

A few years ago, was sitting with a coworker at Coop’s on a Wednesday evening. We were at one of the tables to the side of the bar, and I was facing the door/window. Suddenly, I said “hey, there’s my friend K….” whom I had not seen in at least 6 months.
I excused myself, hurried outside but could not see him in the groups of people walking down Decatur, even though he was pretty tall.
I even looked down the side street but it seemed like he had disappeared.
Went back and mentioned it to my fellow diner and told her about him, and went on with our previous conversation. What I told her was that he was a great dinner companion, lively and a reputation for petty grift. Always had an angle/plan/situation, and his finances always seemed better than they should, based on where he worked. He never conned me; quite possibly like many of those types that are in New Orleans, he knew where and when to use those skills and where and when not to.
So the next weekend I went with my mom to the North Shore to tend to the family plot at the cemetery. While there, my cell phone rang. Mom was off getting water for my great grandmother’s grave, so I decided to answered it. (just so you know, grave tending is a normal family activity in New Orleans- that’s not the weird part).
“Hello. Is this D?”
You don’t know me, but I am K’s _____ father. We have not heard from him in over 3 months and so am looking through his phone book. You’re the last name.” (W begins my last name)
I couldn’t believe it. I told him what had happened that week and tried to explain I was not a kook, making up stories. We talked for 10 minutes with my mother watching me curiously as she watered.
I asked him to call me back to tell me when he did hear from K…
I never got another call even though my number remains the same.
I think that I might have seen K….. because he wanted me to tell his father that he was okay. And so I guess I did my task.
This makes the second ghost I think I have seen.
Both of them in the French Quarter.

About DW

New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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