Miss Carrie Mae White 1887-1974

On the marble steps of 924 Orleans, see the plaque for Miss Carrie. There is a great description of her taken from the marvelous book 912 Orleans, The Story of a Rescue by Walter Lowry (illustrations by Mark Lowry), written about the 1960s renovation of the family home:
“The sun sets slowly. Its long red rays steam horizontally down the stillness of Orleans Street. Miss Carrie has brought out her folding chair and has taken her seat by her stoop to observe her domain. She insists she is 78 years old. Her physique denies this assertion, but her wisdom stoutly sustains it…Her friendship is very highly to be treasured.”

I miss the Miss Carries of the French Quarter….

Miss Carrie 924 Orleans Street

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New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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