St. Louis good citizen

Good citizen June Wiley calls police at 5 am, suspect caught soon after. AND is looking fresh as a daisy a few hours after when reporters catch up to her. (she’s my mom so maybe I’m a bit biased)…
Seriously, this is why we need to get rents in line with real costs so regular people can live in the French Quarter. This block of St. Louis is made up of mostly full-time residents except for the large house that has been empty for over 20 years. They clean their street, keep lights working and remain the “eyes on the street”. That’s even with 2 tough bars on this corner and on the next.
And sure that owner of the large empty house pays property tax (well I guess he does), but I suspect his assessment has stayed low and since the owner does not use the building or rent it or add to the liveability of the street, it seems pretty nice of the renting neighbors to watch out for his property for him.

good citizen video

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