Spring Fiesta Senors and Senoritas!

“hey, do you want a beer?”
I would.
“where have you been all day?”
I was at the Spring Fiesta.
“What is that? Some type of Latino festival?”
Umm no. Its a 75-year-old French Quarter tradition that celebrates the culture of New Orleans by offering $25 house tours of 5 homes each day.
‘I never heard of it.”
Well, they have a website. But I think you are just supposed to know, since it’s been going on so long.
“I guess I am not getting this. What do they do, this group? Offer tours?”
Oh, they have a parade too. They give flowers out while wearing period dress.
“Like crinolines or some of that shit? on carriages?”
Of course on carriages. How could it be old New Orleans without carriages?
“Well, so what is the point anyway?”
Well there is a Spring Fiesta Queen and a court.
“OH, NOW I get it. Why didn’t you say that to begin with?”
Well, the houses are really nice too.

Give me another beer, wouldya?

About DW

New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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