Sign to save Le Petit

It’s imperative that we save the oldest community theater in the U.S!
Le Petit has operated in the French Quarter for over 95 years but has fallen on financial hard times recently. As badly as we all want the theater back, the process to look for new owners of this historic theater must be transparent and fair. The Guild of Le Petite Theater du Vieux Carre is an autonomous group that supports the theater revival but its members are concerned that the theater’s governing board is moving too quickly toward a possible deal with Dickie Brennan to operate a restaurant in place of one of the theater’s two stages. As a result, they have drafted this petition:

I want to preserve the cultural and historic integrity of Le Petit Théâtre du Vieux Carré, and I demand that the process to determine the future of the theatre be transparent. The Board of Governors must follow the bylaws of the nonprofit organization, uphold their fiduciary responsibilities and review all options to ensure the long-term sustainability of the theatre.

Please go online and sign today!


and read Doug MacCash’s article:


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