Cars Banned? No. Yes. No. Some…

Facebook exchange:
Cars should be banned from the Quarter.
Cyclists in the French Quarter are learning an expensive lesson – break the traffic laws on your bike and get slapped with a hefty ticket.

———–likes this.
———- no they shouldn’t.
———–I agree with —-.
———–yes they should. 😉
———– 2 months ago I got stopped by a cop on a segway for riding through a pedestian mall but he only gave me a warning…
————I told you that all this bike path promotion was going to lead to increased enforcement.
————What bike lanes?
————let me be clear. I like the idea of bikes more than cars. But I also understand that the Quarter is a neighborhood with delivery needs and residents. I’d rather have small buses when possible, which should be added for cross town and uptown/downtown traffic, many of which should stop in or near the Quarter to allow people that are older and disabled who cannot bike.
————bikes will only increase as cars go down. you have to be a pretty confident cyclist as things stand–the ratio of cars/bikes in the city will only change as we get more car-free areas and bike infrastructure.
————i was in Oxford, England, when they banned cars from the city centre. overnight, the streets were full of smiling people, walking. it was amazing. of course there were still buses and working trucks. just no regular traffic to get in the way of the working people. the quarter is now full of frustrated people trying to drive SUVs down streets designed for people and horse carriages, in an endlessly futile search for parking. I’ve had a personal rule never to drive in the quarter for years. let’s shut down the quarter to everyone but residents, service vehicles, and buses. i don’t understand why we haven’t yet.
———– I totally agree.

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New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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