Noise balance

Bourbon Street residents (and homes within a block of it too) must be allowed to go to a special quiet part of heaven when they die…
Once again, the French Quarter leads the way, as noise is an issue everywhere. Th idea of mixed-use neighborhoods is great, but how do you balance the needs between business owners and residents in a 24 hour a day area?
Also, some of those other streets house some shops that blare the music out over the sidewalk til all hours, so the city’s finger should not just point at loud music from clubs and bars…
What is also true is the lack of full-time residents mean that there are fewer people to organize. Many part-time residents don’t care about the long-term quality of life issues, only if the party continues when they visit 1-2 times a season…

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New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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