Cyclists ticketed in French Quarter.

Puzzling the way that our NOPD is attacking lawlessness in the French Quarter. Crime is widespread by local accounts, and yet the main issue has become the ticketing of two-wheeled, human-powered indicators of a healthy city. No doubt we need education about what constitutes lawful cycling, but starting with tickets as the first line of communication seems unduly prescriptive.

That the diversity of use in the French Quarter is the reason for its vibrancy is the belief of this blog; therefore, we hope for some sanity to return to the 8th District by getting itself almost entirely on 2 wheels, talking and patrolling before ticketing anyone and maybe focusing more on activities that actually beget criminal behavior rather than those that actually may prevent it.
And help to reduce the friction between the wealthy and those who serve their needs.

WWL story

Anarcha story

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