Tree Maps

Mapping is a great way to show both what is available and what could be. Maps can also be the best way to literally show context. My own awareness of the city and region I live in is largely based on 2 things: anecdotal accounts from individuals, and old maps and ephemera.
I began thinking of mapping the French Quarter a few years ago and did the first one (Cheap Drinks, Bookstores and Extra Bathrooms, also known as CDBB) this year to show both local and tourists something new about the old city. It can be downloaded from this site, by searching in the mapping category.
After that map, I began thinking of other ways to surprise and came up with mapping the tree canopy and best native trees.
I walked every block of the Quarter to map the canopy of trees experienced in the public areas and then asked for volunteers among my friends to double check my work and add to it-and got 4. Greg and Jennifer had already helped with the CDBB map, and so stayed on for this one too. Beth and Marcela came to it with their own interest; Beth probably because she’ll help any organizer friend of hers and Marcela because of her passion and knowledge on native planting.
So, am currently working on finding an artist to refine my map, then will have the Tree Canopy map ready by end of year. The native tree piece is still being worked on by Marcela, and I am adding a link to her beginning, entertaining work:


and stay tuned for more.

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New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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