Come to the Carousel

Hotel bars, oddly, are not plentiful in the French Quarter. The main standby has always been the Carousel Bar at the Monteleone. The bar does actually circle and has circus markings, which is so great for the drinking crowd.
But it’s been undergoing renovations, which although needed, have interrupted the holiday meets there. But I hear it’s reopening this week and will be completely done in January.
The hotel itself isn’t very historic, as it was rebuilt completely in the 1950s-1960s, although it’s still a lovely place at which to stay. The Monteleone family IS historic, as they have been serving New Orleans on that corner since the late 1880s.
Stop by for some music and a drink and see for yourself how well the Monteleone anchors the Upper Quarter.
Starting in January, the Carousel Bar’s lounge will host two, free shows nightly. Musicians scheduled for standing gigs include Lena Prima, Luther Kent and the George French Jazz Quartet.

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