Well it’s our weekend to be the hosts!
This Sunday, we gather in the Quarter for one of the top parades among local parade goers, Barkus. This dog parade is up there with Muses, Zulu and our new favorite, ‘tit Rəx. Barkus’ theme this year is “Mission Impossible- Canine Protocol, Armstrong Bark Reloaded” so look for a lot of Tom Cruise inspired black climbing outfits and cool sunglasses hanging off ears…
This is year 20 for the organization, and this parade grows more fun every year. And all done on behalf of animal protection causes. And for those who ask me where it is in the Quarter, don’t worry-you’ll find it on your own!
Barkus site
Right after you have your friends stake out your spot for the parade, head up to Frenchman for the best costume market of the year. This from its organizer, the Godmother of Flea Markets, Cree McCree:

I’m delighted to announce that Threadhead Records Foundation is the nonprofit sponsor for this year’s Carnival costume bazaar at the Blue Nile. THR’s generous support continues a Frenchmen Street tradition dating back to the first Carnival Creations Bazaar at Cafe Brasil in 1991. Cofounders Tracy Thomson and Oliver Manhattan are among the artists and designers displaying their wares at this fabulous city-sanctioned event, which rises from the ashes of the Great Blue Nile Costume Bust of Mardi Gras 2011.

Threadhead Records Foundation Presents:
21st Annual Carnival Costume Bazaar
Barkus Sunday * February 12 * 12 Noon – 5 PM
Blue Nile * 532 Frenchmen St.
504-948-2583 * Free & open to the public

A dozen of New Orleans’ most creative designers, hatters, costumiers and mask-makers offer a vast array of one-of-a-kind costumes, masks, accessories, props & festive Carnival creations.

Featuring: Oliver Manhattan, Tracy Thomson/Kabuki, Mo Lappin/Howlpop, Jonathan Woods/Calamity, Cree McCree/Cree-ations, Jessica Radcliffe/High Bohemia, The Hat Man/Charles Barkley, Christeen Wright/Avante Garb, Joy Patterson, Darlene Hargreaves, Kate McNee, Natalie Pierce and Veronica Russell.

A don’t-miss event for people who take Carnival seriously!

What a weekend to be on foot and in the sliver!

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