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One of the good things about having friends working on Treme (the HBO show) is that they get out and experience the city in ways that non-Hollywood people sometimes forget to. Last night, after ‘tit Rәx and drinks at Cosimo’s, E and I went to see if we could squeeze in this newish place on Chartres (where the bakery La Marquise used to be, a few doors back of Le Petit Theater- or what’s left of the theater!) for dinner. Since she often goes there with her T coworkers, she got us in quickly and also could recommend items from the menu.
We started with drinks- me, a Moscow Mule (which is showing up on menus all over town all of a sudden) and she a French 75 (another favorite of mine) along with a fried eggplant appetizer (nice lemon tang) to start. Then to the shaved brussel sprout salad (good) and my entree, the duck confit with black-eyed peas and Maras farm sprouts (seemed odd to call them that- is Gerard still growing sprouts? I thought not…) and a nice bourbon mustard. E had the roasted beets on bruschetta which she thought had slightly overcooked bruschetta, so they agreeably toasted some new ones for her. We added another drink that was a pleasant gin based cocktail with orange slice (did not catch the name or the recipe) near the end. All very good, service was excellent and even though crowded, the place has a nice ambience and not overly smushed (even with people chatting up the Hollywood actor 2 tables down who was in for dinner.) So, a pleasant end to a pleasant day, and another restaurant to recommend in the Quarter and some duck for brunch today while Barkus rolls past.

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  1. […] chef Alex Harrell, last found at Sylvain, which earned 3 Beans in the T-P review and my “review” too. We certainly needed another mid-priced restaurant with a creative menu and an ambitious chef […]

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