Take a hint from the High Line

One area we need to spend a little more time throughout the city, but to me especially in the Quarter, is green space. With millions of tourists walking and spending money in that neighborhood, some beautiful AVAILABLE green space is quite overdue. Public landscaping, short paths in the parks, more tiny green spaces would all help make the Quarter seem like the paradise it should be.
The High Line was a kee-razy idea that a few people put together over a period of years, and now is one of the most admired projects in the city among the NYC residents that I know.
I challenge my fellow activists and citizens to come up with ideas about how we make the Quarter a lush garden. Feel free to contact me about the FQ tree inventory project I am still working on if you want to help.


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New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

2 thoughts on “Take a hint from the High Line

  1. jacqueline says:

    I love your blog. I went to the Highline twice and would never go again. I’m sad to see New Orleans want to copy it. I live a block away and moving to New Orleans just to get away from the crazy tourist attraction that NYC has become. The Highline is a great idea in many ways, making use of space in an eco friendly way, but it quickly became a nightmare for residents. Many have had their privacy vanished, only to have tourists from all around the world take photos of them in their apartments day and night unless they have the shades drawn. Walking around the neighborhood now is difficult with so much foot traffic and traffic jams are increasing which means constant horns honking and back ups. People have become rude and vicious towards others often times out of frustration and our neighborhood which once had character and felt artsy & trendy is more of a shopping mall for the very elite which makes life difficult for the people who once called Chelsea home.

    • darnola says:

      Hey Jacqueline,
      Thanks for the comment and the appreciation. Both are welcome.
      I hope you understand that we aren’t going to copy it exactly as we have no elevated trains or anything really elevated to use. The Greenway is a road-level pile of junk that used to be a railroad and a canal running through the middle of our downtown neighborhoods. As for tourists taking pictures in our windows, I certainly lived through that growing up in the Quarter and now living in a brand new house on the bayou with windows on every side so feel your pain. I just wanted to applaud the fact that the greening of a city can happen from moribund industrial space, as our Greenway seems likely to not go forward due to budget reordering and general political malaise.
      I am sure you are right-Chelsea ain’t what it was (my visits have me ending up confused and sad when I see what has happened to it) but of course, that is exactly what cities do-constantly change and reinvent themselves although often to the detriment of those who live there in the present.
      New Orleans barely resembles the city that I spent happy teenaged and young woman years, and since Katrina, has changed even more to a city with more traffic and less comfort, so I do understand.
      Has there been any petition in your neck of the woods to give some privacy through hedges or even some artistically designed and strategically placed simple structures along the edges to mitigate the loss of privacy?

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