Uncle Lionel second-line brouhaha

Kabuki Hats is the type of business and artist that we need. Tracy admired and respected Uncle Lionel and her free gesture was an act of love. Shocking that this actor misunderstood the situation so completely. Maybe he should chat with locals before he tweets from far off about things he doesnt have the right information for.


It’s easy to understand how a gesture intended as a display of community love and respect can be misinterpreted. What’s not so easy to fathom is when the fallout can have unwarranted negative impact to a local, internationally-recognized craftswoman to the detriment of her business.

Actor Wendell Pierce tweeted the following regarding Kabuki Hats — created, owned, and operated by Tracy Thomson — on 7/14/12:


 The link referenced is as follows: http://www.kabukihats.com/uncle_lionel_watch.pdf

ImageMr. Pierce adds the following subsequent comments via Twitter:

ImageWhat’s unfortunate is that, Mr. Pierce (who has 33,000+ followers on Twitter), sadly got the intent of this gesture completely wrong.

Tracy Thomson (who does not have a Twitter account) was alerted to these tweets today and offered the following in response via Facebook:

“Okay, I am horrified to understand that Wendell pierce has tweeted numerous awful things about the memorial watch that I made. I don’t tweet, but…

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3 thoughts on “Uncle Lionel second-line brouhaha

  1. Dar says:

    The actor has finally apologized via Twitter, albeit rather half-heartedly I think. In any case, our Tracy has taken the high road throughout and remains grateful to her friends and community for the support.

  2. free penny press says:

    Mr Pierce was wayyyyyyyyyy out of line.. He owes her a public apology..

  3. lunanola says:

    Thank you for reblogging this, and for your eloquent comment!

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