Door’s open, 24 hours a day.

Love this story and I’ll remind my friends that I predicted it would happen. Anne Rice wants to come home.
Our most prolific, successful and colorful native author had a string of incredibly bad luck in her last years in NoLa and understandably went to where she felt life might be easier and closer to  her author son. That bad luck includes a feud with ridiculous Popeyes magnate Al Copeland (go look at St. Charles-she was right ), bad health for her and the loss of her talented artist husband Stan. Enough to make anyone go to Breaux Mart for some packing boxes!
I thought she was moving too fast and worried that she would regret selling her house and belongings ( actually was biking by during one of the sales at the orphanage and bought some great black turtlenecks and if I had seen her that day, I would have put my 2 cents in and told her so but what was done was done.)
Now she is homesick and wants to come home and I say, COME ON!
We need personalities like hers to come home.
Anyone out there who has read “The Feast Of All Saints” knows she gets the Quarter.  The Mayfair books were the best historical New Orleans saga I’ve ever read-you know she gets it and makes our city sound great.

Come on back Mrs. Rice. I’ll buy you the first round of muffalettas.

Anne Rice story

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