Hot and Fresh Comfort Food #1

I’m doing this a little out of order because I’ve actually been to the hot dog place a few times, but since this morning I found a new donut place in the Quarter, and its the weekend, I’m going to write about that first, and then hot dogs later in the week.
Juicy G’s Donuts in the 1000 block of Iberville (first block off Rampart) makes and serves cheap but good donuts and breakfast sandwiches. G (Gregory) is a professional kitchen guy, having spend the last almost 20 years working for Dickie Brennan’s at most if not all of his places. Now, he has his own shingle and passion and I urge you to stop by and taste his food.
The chocolate donut and the cake donut that i tried were both excellent. He was just about out of donut holes (A New Orleans tradition from MacKenzie days) but I’m sure they are just as good. The breakfast sandwich description was tempting and only 3 or 4 bucks so I’ll be back for those with such good prices. This is the way places used to be around town: someone did something well, they did it without spending hundreds of thousands on “ambience” and without artificially inflating prices and therefore demand. Since the recent huge success of Mr. Henry’s on St. Claude and his Buttermilk Drop on St. Bernard, more people are aware of the light touch with flour that many male New Orleanians have. Take the time to check out G’s as well.
Speaking of MacKenzie’s, this block used to have one, along with a shoe repair, locksmith, supermarket, card shop, pet store and post office among other things. Unfortunately, the owners seem to have let the buildings fall into disrepair, but a few are bravely rebuilding. (Well, the locksmith has never left so he really has hung in there! AND he knows his business and can make keys that ALWAYS work, unlike some of those stores that give their clerks 2 minutes of training on a key grinder…) Support these Iberville pioneers efforts by walking, biking or driving by and grabbing a few items and getting to know these guys.

Open 6 am til, 7 days a week. 504-428-2607

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2 thoughts on “Hot and Fresh Comfort Food #1

  1. DW says:

    Update: place is now closed; I think his business relied on the students and parents at Cathedral School, which is now on its way to being condos. really too bad.

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