Designs for living the New Orleans life

JUST in time for the holidays (I’m sure that’s a coincidence!) French Quarter resident Ellen Macomber’s newest creations are available. The girl of many talents has now added these gorgeous blankets to her list of artistic creations, which as many know, include her one of a kind paintings on architectural pieces (see one hanging at Mona Lisa Pizza on Royal and many hanging at Still Perkin’ uptown), her My Louisiana postcard and coloring book which is one of my favorite gifts to give when I travel, and some other fashion stuff that is beyond me but that my stylish friends tell me is “fab” (that’s an Ellen word too by the way..)
Listen, this young woman is putting some great art out there and you should too by gifting it for the holidays, whether the Santa one or as the thank you gift to your Mardi Gras parade route home away from home…

Ellen Macomber’s new Louisiana blankets are dry and ready to ship!

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New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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