Friday on the sliver

As I read through my TWLF schedule to plan my day, I treat myself with a breakfast at Satsuma in the Bywater. Green egg sandwich, wheat grass shot (grown by a MidCity neighbor Jeff on his screened porch) and an immune booster juice.
There is a special delight in spending a day on the streets along the Mississippi, with their graceful curves and views of massive ships slowly passing at eye level. Narrow sidewalks open to old dusty brick walls and uneven stairs with acoustics that encourage fascinating side conversations and allow odd snippets to be overheard…
“Do you know the history of Utah and the Mormons before US intervention?”

“Did you replace the whole machine or just the part that was dripping?”

“I could use a Bloody Mary; actually I would abuse a Bloody Mary right about now…”

“I think that bag would work great for sneaking stuff into JazzFest.”

About DW

New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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