Save Tujague’s – Please –

If this doesn’t beat all. FQ building owner showing his ignorance for his own family’s legacy and his building by saying he is selling one of the most historic restaurants in the city to a t-shirt shop owner in the Quarter who says it will soon be filled with fried chicken and more t-shirts. This building housed Madame Begue’s which was the most popular pre-Civil War era restaurant in New Orleans (and maybe North America) and was rejuvenated by This guy’s brother, the convivial Steven Latter as an “everybody knows your name” French Quarter place. Now that Steven Latter has passed away, they have barely waited for him to be in the ground before pulling this crap.
Not sure much can be done by regular citizens-this may be up to the money folks who can throw some dollars at this jerk to get him to sell and move the hell away.
Stay tuned.
UPDATE: SAVED by the citizens of our city with new menu and cookbook.

Save Tujague's – Please – The Editor's Room – March 2013 – New Orleans, LA.

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One thought on “Save Tujague’s – Please –

  1. Kevin Ferrer says:

    If we can raise enough money to buy it I will run it. Yes, I am qualified. No, I am not joking.

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