H&M to open first N.O. location in French Quarter on Oct. 31

“It is a significant achievement for H&M to open our first location in a city known for its deep routed culture and triumphant spirit”

Really? Seems like you wanted to sell high-end to tourists.Listen-it’s understandable, just say it, okay?

H&M to open first N.O. location in French Quarter on Oct. 31 | wwltv.com New Orleans.

here is a piece I found when searching the internet about this store:

“Our business idea is to offer fashion and quality at the best price,” Håcan Andersson, a spokesman for the company, tells Ecouterre, before referring us to information listed on the company’s website. But company mission aside, at a time when the apparel industry is getting thrashed by price hikes, H&M’s move remains an audacious one. $4.95 dresses? $20 trench coats? What universe does the Swedish retailer live in? And more important, how is H&M getting away with it?

“It just means they are squeezing the stakeholders in their supply chain to pull this off,” says Howard Brown, co-founder of Stewart + Brown, a Los Angeles-based pioneer in sustainable fashion. “Their copycat competitors will do the same. If this trend has any staying power then we might as well kiss the American apparel manufacturing sector, and those hundred thousand are so jobs that are still left, goodbye.”

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