200 Years of New Orleans Literature

So looking forward to this book coming out. Partly because it’s sorely needed and partly because the author is my pal and I think I know how much critical thinking and good old-fashioned writing was expended to undoubtedly create a cohesive, yet original overview of the best that New Orleans had offered the world in written form.

The blurb , written by her publisher Bill Lavender:

N.O. Lit: 200 Years of New Orleans Literature, edited by Nancy Dixon– Dr. Dixon taught New Orleans literature for more than a decade at UNO before accepting a professorship at Dillard, and she always wanted a single text that she could assign for that course. Well, she has remedied that situation now and put together the most comprehensive collection of the literature of the city ever. This book will be some 550 densely packed pages of poetry, drama, and prose, beginning with The Heroism of Poucha-Houmma, the 1809 drama of Louisiana life prior to the arrival of the French and Spanish conquerors, going through Walt Whitman, Tennessee Williams, Tom Dent, Truman Capote, and about 40 others, up to the present day, with a general introduction and individual introductions all by Dr. Dixon. It should be out this year.

I hear that some early events will happen this year; best way to know is to check the Lavender Ink site regularly.

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