new week, new rewards from Waking Up in Dreamland

Project Update from Little Queenie:

we’ve had great week! people have joined the campaign from all over the USA, as well as from canada and australia, and some of you have increased your pledge amounts, for all of which i am SO very grateful. the clock ticks on, so please urge friends and family to join us in the coming days, and when you do, please remind them that every pledge is eligible for rewards.

speaking of those…most of y’all already know i’m a louisiana girl; in my birth land, the vast majority of people feel nekkid roaming around unless they have a vessel on/in hand filled with some refreshing beverage or other. last week, as i read one email and social media post after another from the sportsman’s paradise complaining of this seemingly endless cold season, i realized i couldn’t let any of my backers welcome the heavily-anticipated springtime without something special to tote their potables in style–so everybody who contributes receives at least one Little Queenie go-cup. they bear the LQ logo designed for me by nola artist mark andresen printed on 12-ounce cups in some lovely hey-that’s-MY-drink colors.these are not available anywhere else on earth. you know you’ll be wanting some up in your patio/pirogue/picnic!

for just one lucky high-roller, a shrine featuring st louis di prima will be part of your package! this handmade piece honoring the seminal new orleans musicmaker is one of a kind, just like da man himself, and is available with a $750 pledge.

i’ve been asked about the vintage LQ cds offered at the $100-and-up order to make sure you don’t receive something you might already own, i’ve created some discs containing material NO ONE has. more about those later.

thanks again to each and all for your support.


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