Debbie Davis visits The Real World: New Orleans | My Spilt Milk

A well done interview with a talented working musician talking about the struggle to work as much as she wants and how she wants.
So much fascinating information:

Like many musicians who play on Frenchmen Street, Davis has performed with many musicians and a lot of bands, but after playing with The Mesmerizers for more than a year now, she’s reluctant to play with others any more than necessary. “They are now feeling what I want before I tell them, which is refreshing,” Davis said. “And frankly, the fewer people in the mix, the more I can pay them. And whatever I pay will never be enough.”

If I went some place else – I love New York, I’d love to work in New York, but I can’t afford to live in New York unless I”m one of five people who are making a grand and substantial living as musicians. The rest are working day jobs and playing in clubs for $70 a pop. I’m making twice as much here. And I don’t have to have a day job. In some ways, I’m better off. It would be great if I could get someone to fix the pot holes on my street, and the cops would show up when shit’s going on in my neighborhood …

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