Meauxbar deux

Another amazing meal at Meauxbar; first, the crabmeat and goat cheese app was delicious and just right with chewy bread to scoop it up; Chef Kristen Essig is right- her new fisher family source are first-rate crabbers! House salad with the figs, lovely. (with extra muscadines from Meauxbar’s own vines on the St. Philip side which I had along with a scolding from Essig for absentmindedly leaving one of her prized grapes on my plate!) French fries, mouthwatering-seriously. For entrees, I had the pork and Callie had the lamb- both had deep flavor and there was plenty on the plate, enough to take home for a lunch treat tomorrow. The service is quite excellent; I so enjoy seeing a focused staff led by a ambitious yet fun chef; I predict a future of great meals for me at St. Philip and Rampart.

About D.W.

Works as an independent researcher, trainer and analyst for public markets and on larger community food systems. Also works in her home of New Orleans LA on sustainable civil society issues through blogging, community organizing and networking.

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