Creole World Exhibit

Richard Sexton’s Creole World: Photographs of New Orleans and the Latin Caribbean Sphere (THNOC 2014) continues to garner praise and attention.

The New York Review of Books recently featured the tome on its website. Writer Nathaniel Rich began with a quote from 19th-century travel writer Lafcadio Hearn about New Orleans: “While it actually resembles no other city upon the face of the earth, it owns suggestions of towns in Italy, and in Spain, of cities in England and in Germany, of seaports in the Mediterranean, and of seaports in the tropics.” The review goes on to say that “there’s no better illustration of this than the photographs of Richard Sexton.”

The concept behind Sexton’s Creole World project was also the subject of an lengthy article in the Miami New Times. Sexton discussed the similarities between New Orleans and Miami with the paper prior to a book signing and presentation in Coral Gables, saying that “New Orleans was the lone historical example of kind of a Creole-Caribbean place getting assimilated into the United States and an Anglo-Saxon culture with a different history. New Orleans is the historical example (of that); Miami is the modern example.”
The exhibition is on view at the Laura Simon Nelson Galleries for Louisiana Art at 400 Chartres Street, through December 7.

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Works as an independent researcher, trainer and analyst for public markets and on larger community food systems. Also works in her home of New Orleans LA on sustainable civil society issues through blogging, community organizing and networking.

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