Petit Amelie

One of my favorite restauranteurs in the Quarter, Cafe Amelie has added a storefront just down the street with lovely items and a pleasing dining space. Jerry and Danny have done wondrous things with the Princess of Monaco courtyard in the middle of the 900 block of Royal and now give early risers a chance for a salmon and bagel plate, healthy juices, tasty pastries and morning espresso and afternoon drinks, or if you like, morning drinks and afternoon espresso-after all, this is the Quarter.
The two have been long time supporters of local produce and cottage industries and have even spent time as vendors at the farmers markets. You can be sure that they source fresh ingredients from farmers and fishers whenever possible.
Stop in at Dumaine and Royal (8-8 Weds-Sun) for a cheerful, healthy breakfast soon.


About D.W.

Works as an independent researcher, trainer and analyst for public markets and on larger community food systems. Also works in her home of New Orleans LA on sustainable civil society issues through blogging, community organizing and networking.

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