Bike Lane on Baronne

Baronne Street in the Central Business District will have a bike lane starting Dec. 1. The lane will remain for at least six months as officials study its impact along the corridor.
Impact on Mobility, Traffic and Safety
• Estimated increase travel time of less
than 2-minutes during peak hours in
2014, and by 2024 at 1.5% rate of traffic
volume growth
• 3 parking space removal = 1.5% loss of
total on-street spaces on Baronne Street
• Replacing a travel lane with a bicycle lane has
been shown to reduce traffic crashes by 29%.
Traffic crashes on Baronne Street have
resulted in over 248 total injuries since
2005 – 15 were pedestrians.
• Installation of dedicated bicycling lanes
dramatically increases rates of cycling in
New Orleans, such as a 57% increase in the
average number of cyclists per day on St.
Claude Avenue and a 110% increase on S.
Carrollton Avenue.

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New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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