Bacchus in the Bywater

A chef linked this link on Facebook today; Chris Rudge’s unexpected passing has made us all spend some time thinking about what an innovator and fun guy he was. This piece by local writer Sara Roahen written back when Bacchanal first opened is a great reminder of what they started in the downtown neighborhoods. Sometimes it seems like that change has grown out of proportion and scale, but Bacchanal is certainly a respite in that area.The loss of another young entrepreneur is unfortunate and shows how important it is to do your best to take care of oneself while working and playing as hard as people like Chris do.

Bacchus in the Bywater Gambit – New Orleans News and Entertainment.

Rudge’s obituary

A second line for Chris Rudge, the founder of Bacchanal wine shop, bar and restaurant, is scheduled for this Sunday (March 22). The second line will begin at Bacchanal at 1 p.m. Bacchanal will, however, not be silent on its rare day off; it will be the site of a post-second line party in Rudge’s honor. Plans are still taking shape, but Rodas said several chefs who’ve cooked at Bacchanal in the past, including Dan Esses of Three Muses and Nathaniel Zimet of Boucherie, will be contributing to a potluck buffet. There will also be live music.

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