Dear readers, a new site

I will continue to work on the French Quarter block by block blog, which is still really meant to be a try out of the larger project that will also offer broadsheets, maps, essays and maybe a book detailing the 24/7 world of the French Quarter as it lives and breathes now.

I am adding a new smaller project called “A job, a gig and a hustle” which will feature oral interviews, written essays, reviews and some correspondence on what is called the “new economy” in other cities, but here, is bidness as usual. As my pal Mary Rowe says, New Orleans is truly a prophetic city.
The way that many of us knit together the many into one life is fascinating to me and I think also closely follows my “job” in the farmers market field. I might migrate this new project to a website as WordPress looks like crap when you don’t want to follow a linear chronological design, or maybe I just suck at designing it. Either way, I expect it to be better soon, but since it is my gig and not my job or hustle, deal with it.

About DW

New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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