Hey Hey (want to send us away)

Proud to showcase my pal Peter Boutté’s (and Ruben Watts) song about the days and weeks after August 29, 2005 and about days and weeks of other hurricanes too. Peter is a multi-talented artist from one of the proud Creole families of New Orleans who have kept the city fed, built, repaired and with a song (or haiku) in its heart for more generations that most Americans can imagine. Here is his daily haiku from August 29, 2015:

“About Katrina”

When the day is done
They’ll pack their bags and then they’ll run
And you won’t hear shit

And you might wonder why I am still posting about the levee breaks. It’s important to remember that our disaster began on August 29 and has continued for a decade, no matter what they media wants to portray. New Orleanians like Peter have kept  the drumbeat of activism going which is vital in order to not lose everything we hold dear.

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New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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