This Other New Orleans

 from Roy Guste, FQ stalwart and Marigny resident

Personally? I would have let the 10th year anniversary of Katrina slip by silently without having cause to remember those terrible days. But the numerous events in the city claiming Katrina as impetus has made me reflect on memories I would rather have left untouched. Books, movies, art openings, parades? Katrina was a terrible tragedy. You would not be grateful for what you lost or for your friends and relatives and all the 2000 other people who died. Were you here? And this city and it’s natives are NOT healed. The broken parts have been replaced but not repaired, the displaced replaced. New Orleans its culture and its people have suffered such unimaginable loss that will never be returned. I was born in, raised in and lived a life in a New Orleans that I loved with all my heart. I can only hope that when I die I will by then have learned to love this other New Orleans.

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New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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