Discussion: Making It in the Quarter: A Conversation with New Orleans Service Workers, Wednesday 6-8 pm

haiku about this evening:

Chris Owens club great
schmooze delay then dull talk why
humid walk home peeved

I appreciate the diversity of workers in the Quarter, but when organizing a talk about work and especially service workers, it’d be good to have people who have something to say about their nature of work in our city center. Author gave a good introduction, especially to his allegiance to the Quarter and to Bourbon, but in the short time I was there I didn’t get the impression that anyone understood what was being asked of them. Too bad- I had high hopes for the talk.

The multiple business owner was fine enough and seemed like the main person prepared to talk about what he did. The buggy driver gloried in her one note of being cynical about the city (“nothing’s gonna change ever”) which I can see is a useful mode for tips as a buggy persona but less so for discussion in front of locals interested in the topic of work. The waiter was quiet and seemed new to serving in the Quarter (and to being asked to talk frankly). And to listen to a concierge go on about the problem of crime and homelessness, lumping them together in her own ranting, suburban style was too much. Maybe she thought that was the point-if you don’t work, she doesn’t think you belong here. And that her international clients are important.

Couldn’t take anymore so didn’t even get to hear the gallery owners talk (neighbors of mine),  whose story seems interesting.

TL; DR: Too little free time to waste; back to work.

Source: Discussion: Making It in the Quarter: A Conversation with New Orleans Service Workers, Wednesday 6-8 pm

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