Diversity can happen in different ways

This is a shot of the daily bus pickup on Royal for the Little Red Schoolhouse (McDonogh 15) in proximity to the pride flags up in preparation for Southern Decadence 2015. That this school sits in the middle of 3 different parts of the Quarter is not noted enough: (1) the busy residential part of St. Philip which seems to have  many more full-time residents than many other parts of the Quarter (full disclosure: I spent my high school-aged years on St. Phil), (2) the business corridors of Bourbon and Royal, which means that the parents/kids and teachers have easy walking access to French Quarter Postal Emporium, CC’s coffeehouse, Matassa’s Grocery and assorted museums and (3) the gay community that the school borders on 2 sides. That isn’t even adding in the flow of millions of visitors or the illegal economy also interfacing with/bordering the school, sometimes negatively. I am constantly fascinated by the relationship of this school to the neighborhood and feel it is ripe for a social science study of mixed uses to gauge the level of a certain quality necessary to be present in abundance for a city or a neighborhood to be great: tolerance.

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New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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