Walking over my own grave

Years ago I went to see the Coppola movie “Peggy Sue Got Married” with my dearest friend Roger. The movie was not meaningful to me (beyond being beautifully stylish), but upon getting to the car,  Roger (who was my mother’s age), looked at me with deep awe and said, “That was like walking over my own grave.” I have pondered that statement often; I assume he meant he had the sensation of having lived the reality being portrayed.

Tonight, I had an inkling of what he meant. I went to the Bike Easy annual party and membership event and remembered being in the middle of this work and yet had the sense that it was all new and far off.

I saw faces from 15 years ago when we began to organize the lane system with the city proper and also remembered those elders who were not there who had been working on bike advocacy and education for a generation or more before us. I felt both invisible and very visible at the same time. I also heard and saw the new energy around expanded advocacy for all mobility issues including the very cool folks of StolenBikesNola who are happy to get support for their work if you are so inclined…

I drank some beer, listened and remembered different issues and faces. And finally, decided I was grateful to have longevity in organizing and grateful for those who keep the work moving forward.





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New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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