Join the fight for quality of life for all

Please join us Sat., Jan 30th at 1 p.m. at Armstrong School, 5909 St. Claude Ave.  Bring your friends, family & more.

A Community Voice members and others will meet with public officials and the press regarding the reopening of the school, and:

a.  the end to bus stops waits with no shelters for children that start before light and end after dark, in blighted and crime ridden areas. provide a school for the current and future 1300* families/residents, especially due to a consequence of high building activities from: *Perez (297 units), Make it Right (200), city/federal programs (100), other nonprofit actions (100), the consistent number of returning families (300), and the will of parents who were former residents of the lower 9 who wish their children to attend school in the lower 9th ward (300).

c. an end to the One-App forced busing of students that replaces slots at local schools with children from other areas, most who wish to attend school in their own areas.

d. the beginning of a “neighborhood children based” school devoted to the music and culture of the lower 9th ward, and Louis Armstrong.

Please RSVP with your name, title and willingness to speak with the media.

Thank you!
Vanessa Gueringer
Lower 9th Ward A Community Voice
2221 St. Claude
New Orleans, LA 70117
FB:  ACommunity Voice

About DW

New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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