Why Can’t We Stop Talking About New York in the Late 1970s? – The New York Times

I love the comments on this more than the story. D’ya remember that game mix and match? Well, match the characters in italics to the quotes below (hint: there are no right or wrong answers)

Bike messenger with a very expensive education

Sardonic retail clerk who visited NYC once in the 1990s

Stayed out all night in the Village, once sitting in a Chinese restaurant. has never stopped talking about it

Adopts every slogan and attitude shared on FB by 1960s TV character memes from the comfort of a 3 BR ranch house

Funny, resilient New Yorker


Dirty, gritty, a place where adults could be adults, from Studio 54 to the Village, the city was alive in the 70s. Now, it just feels like a showcase for corporate logos and boring rich people.

70’s NYC… the piss, the blood, the fear, the desperation, the art and so on. It was something else. And it was a beautiful thing. No smoke and mirrors. No ifs, ands, butts or maybes. You could hold your own our your ass was out of gas. Now it’s like everywhere else in a sense. Gentrified, sterilized and full of fuckstick soft ass transplants and politically correct crybabies and hipsters. But still the most amazing place in this fading republic.

Hey, “The Warriors” is on Amazon Prime! You can relive it in the comfort of your suburban home!

That was the best time ever! New York was fun, exciting and innovative. And had so much character!

I prefer talking about Rome in the AD 70s. Those were rocking times. Rent was like 8 cents a month. Shitty dental practices though.

Source: Why Can’t We Stop Talking About New York in the Late 1970s? – The New York Times

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