Church Alley Acadiana Update

The great Renee Blanchard, owner of Church Alley Coffee on OCH has personally led efforts to get recovery started in the parishes affected by the flood around Lafayette. This is her Sunday update:

Very overwhelmed by the good and compassion and love from so many people in Louisiana right now. From all the businesses in New Orleans who got 24 large carloads of emergency supplies to Vermillion, Iberia, and Livingston Parish in 5 days to the people we have met in local churches showing up everyday to get those supplies into the hands of those that deeply need them to Tony Wade who not only got 24 boats into Livingston Parish last weekend and worked 72 straight hours rescuing people, but who is now back in St Mary Parish rescuing animals in the 5 surrounding parishes with just him and one other guy. 70 animals so far this week.

Do your best to help those in these parishes where little attention and organized support has landed yet. Check in with her Church Alley Facebook page.


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New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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