1873 description of Andrew Jackson Statue


Putting this here partly because of the Take Em Down movement is purported to be focusing on the Jackson Statue. As wildly supportive as I am about the others being removed from public display, I am not in favor of the removal of this statue but the hoopla around it is likely very helpful to the movement and I appreciate that as a tactic.

All of those others that City Council voted to be removed pretend to “honor” those who rose up in arms against the elected government of the US in order to continue the enslavement of many but the truth is they were put up in the years of white supremacy as defiance and in order to warp the real history. As a way to illustrate that, I ask you to tell me where else in our country have those who led a failed insurrection against the elected government been enshrined in public and done decades after their time? Or, as I have said elsewhere, if you want statues of the true historical context, then add Grant over Lee, Abraham Lincoln over Davis, and Sherman astride Beauregard’s horse and tell the ACTUAL history of the war, including the continued institutional racism that subjugates many.

This statue  was erected in thanks to a military man who fought the British on our soil and later became a US President and therefore should remain, although I agree that details of his murderous and shameful campaign against native Americans needs to be added to the base of the statue. That update would honor true history and teach future generations of his complicated Presidency.

In this excerpt from 1873, one can see how history has always been subjective based on the personal opinions and political stance of those writing it. Check out the dig against the added plaque put there by General Butler and the disagreement over the accuracy of the statue itself.

Jewell's CC1873JaxSquare.png

CW Cannon says it well too.


DeBerry does too

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