New Orleans fiction submissions encouraged



Crescent City Books is pleased to announce our new imprint, CCB. We (with sister store Commonwealth Books) have published a decade’s worth of acclaimed international poetry. We’re now venturing into prose, specifically that set in New Orleans. Not “Southern lit” or folky fiction, but the dual lens of a microscope on New Orleans and a telescope on the rest of the world. We’re looking for fresh style and voice.
Completed novels (again, only those set in New Orleans) may be submitted to Body of email should include query/brief bio/1st chapter. Word file or PDF of entire novel should be attached.

About DW

New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

4 thoughts on “New Orleans fiction submissions encouraged

  1. Good to know! Thank you!

  2. Any idea if there is a deadline? I am very interested in this!!

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