10 Best New Orleans Restaurants for 2017 | NOLA.com

Restaurant critic Brett Anderson makes his annual selection.

Sadly, only one in the French Quarter. Everything else on the other side of Canal, although all are in the “Sliver by the River.”

I would agree with most of these choices except for Clancy’s. I think Anderson tries hard to convince us in his review that it isn’t the old (read stale) New Orleans place that we used to have too many,  all about the “see-and-be-seen” vibe that it really is about and not about great food or great service. It has been my experience – and the same for many friends – that if you are not known to the staff as a regular, you would not like it. Or if you think that fresher ingredients and lighter dishes are rightfully known as the new New Orleans menu, then you surely won’t agree with it being chosen. Instead, I’d put Aaron Burgau’s Patois or Alex Harrell’s Angeline* downtown in its place.


*Well well; soon after he was skipped by nola.com, Harrell was chosen as NOLa Chef of the year on Thrillist.


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