St. Joseph’s Day altars


St. Judes/Our Lady of Guadalupe on Rampart Street


Went through the St. Jude’s shrine to get to the altar and, as always, stopped for a minute to view the sum of a community’s gratitude


Followed a group of kids to the OLOG altar


OLOG has a lively group of parishioners on hand and a large yet simple altar.


After my first altar, I stopped in Congo Square to see the African Drum Circle. It was joyous and diverse.


My favorite church view in the city: St. Augustine, the Treme church built by free people of color and still anchoring the area today.


Many altars are set up in private homes and in stores. This one by Lost Love Lounge owner Nick Scramuzza is at Dauphine and Franklin.


Nick does an altar at the Jazz Fest every year too.


LLL’s altar

0319171108-00 (1)

1000 Bourbon Street, a private altar that is built today, ready to go at pm when they will hand out cookies, food and fava beans

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