Worst damn planning



BDR-HALF-NO-MAPThe latest road race has completely surrounded the Quarter so that no one can leave or arrive safely and on time for work. One opening business owner is still hoping his baked goods can arrive sometime soon, as he had no idea of this road closure and so could not alert his baker ahead of time. I have watched workers walk in all a.m. who are normally dropped off in front of their workplace, with one housekeeper tiredly telling me she has already “walked a few extra miles before going in to do some more.”

When locals and workers are pushed out, the Quarter suffers. I know our exiting mayor doesn’t understand this fact nor does he have a plan beyond soaking  visitors for as much money as he can, but this sort of event “planning” is a recipe for disaster for our neighborhood and the city as a whole in more ways than one.


Only 2 garbage cans for the trash means that runners throw the rest to the ground. In case anyone feels this picture shows very little trash, it is because most of it is a block down where there were no cans. I just wanted to show the organizer’s “best effort”very early in the race.

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New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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