Deborah Cotton, writer struck in Mother’s Day New Orleans second-line shooting, dies at 52 

A very great lady. R.I.P indeed.

This is part of a letter she wrote about those responsible:

I feel no anger or vindictiveness toward those who shot me. Instead, I feel sad. As I move on with my life, the young men who perpetrated this crime are facing the rest of their lives behind bars. They are in their 20s and have already lost their chance at a full, free adulthood. I’m not alone in my stance. In a recent report by the Vera Institute, 69 percent of survivors of crime nationwide said they would prefer people be held accountable through alternatives to prison, including rehab, mental health or drug treatment, or community supervision.

Deborah Cotton

Cheryl Gerber’s pics of Deborah’s memorial second line


Photos by Stephen Charles Nicholson of tiny JazzFester 5.7.17jflast-4.jpg

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New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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