Little Queenie

update: September 21, 2019 at 7:45 pm, Leigh passed.


From singer Debbie Davis on FB 09/21/2018:

I have few words for this. My mentor, my confidant, cheering section, intellectual ninja, emotional gibraltar, musical beacon, one of my truest and bluest friends Leigh ‘Lil Queenie’ Harris is going into home hospice today…How we will ever tell her how much she did? How much it all meant? How grateful we are? How?
Goddammit. How.



mid year 2019 update from LH’s partner:

After the last entry’s set back on Leigh’s hydro issues she has, in the spirit of DST, sprung forward. Her core muscles are responding, and she is more able to hold herself upright from a sitting position. While she needs to hang onto something to stabilize herself, she can hold her spine straight. So, huge step forward – one of the basics to restoring her ability to walk.


A 2019 pic of our beautiful Leigh sitting in the NC sunshine:54233815_10156877766063617_1947335577846153216_n


2016 post:

Leigh Harris is a legend in the New Orleans music scene and a lovely, funny, fierce woman. Let’s show her how her home town loves her in her difficult time.

As of September 2018, the GoFundMe page has been joined by The New Orleans Musicians’ Assistance Foundation which now has a fund setup for Leigh Harris. They are a non profit, and donations to the NOMAF are tax deductible. The donations will help her family with the costs.

They will accept checks – mail them to:

New Orleans Musicians’ Assistance Foundation
1525 Louisiana Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70115
Attn: Lizz Freeman, Donor Advised Funds

and include a note of “donation to the fund for Leigh Harris” on the check.

They also will accept credit card and paypal donations.


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