All Hail BB St Roman, KDV Queen 2020!

Our fantastic Burgundy lady, BB is KDV Queen for 2020! All Hail Indeed. A great neighbor to all, and a sweet lady.  I hope Iko is impressed.


  • A. Title
  • B. Royalty
  • 1. Mystick Krewe of Comatose
  • 2. Krewe of Underwear
  • 3. Krewe of L.E.W.D.
  • 4. T.O.K.I.N.
  • 5. Krewe of Drips and Discharges
  • 6. Krewe of Spank
  • 7. Seeds of Decline
  • 8. Krewe of the Mystic Inane
  • 9. Krewe of Space Age Love
  • 10. Krewe Du Mishigas
  • 11. Krewe of C.R.U.D.E.
  • 12. Krewe of Mama Roux
  • 13. Knights of Mondu
  • 14. Krewe of K.A.O.S.
  • 15. Krewe Rue Bourbon
  • 16. Mystic Krewe of Spermes
  • 17. Krewe De C.R.A.P.S.parade-map

Here is the fantastic float they made for her:

Iko and BB!


We ran into her on Bacchus Sunday too:

BB St Roman, this time on her regular transportation choice around the hood.

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New Orleans resident, writer, activist. Public market consultant.

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